Homecoming Week

Homecoming is a special time of the year. It is one of the most fun weeks of the year.


Marshall Ingram, Editor

Homecoming week comes with a lot of fun and festivities. Things like dress up days, pep rallies, tailgates, and parties are only some of the fun. This year at Northland Christian there were dress up days every day of the week. These days help people get the real excitement for homecoming. Homecoming week is like no other week out of the year.

This year the dress days were meme day, decade day, duo day, and pajama day. For meme day there were many people who went all out this year. Even some teachers dressed up. Mr Rogers decided to be Salt Bae. He probably won the best dressed award for the whole week because he went all out for all of the days. He wore a 90s jumpsuit for decade day, and dressed up as step brothers with Mr Jennay. For pajama day you could look around and probably see about 10 onesies in one area. They were extremely popular this year. Needless to say this week had some pretty good costumes.

Homecoming is never just the dance. There is always extra stuff that adds to the fun. Whether it is dress up days, signs, posters, parties, tailgates, or just hanging out with fun people. Everyone should enjoy the homecoming season while it lasts because it does not come often.