A Much Needed Break

Marshall Ingram, Editor

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Thanksgiving Break is much needed in many areas. In comes at a crucial time in the first semester for students. They need a break to sit back, and get caught up in their life. It is also extremely important for family time. Thanksgiving often brings family members together that, maybe, they have not seen in a while. Thanksgiving is a time for fun, food, family, and football.

With the school year well off on its way students cannot even see summer in their memories. They are packed with school work, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Some students seem to have lost their attention span so they cannot do any work. A break is much needed in these times. They also need to have a break to catch up with themselves and their families. Thanksgiving is on of the best times to do this. Family members that you do not get to see often fly in or you fly to them. You get to watch as much football as you want, and eat the best food. Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year.

With the school year well on its way, school work has piled on. People need a break and that is what Thanksgiving brings. It brings relaxation, family time, food, and football. These are essential things in a persons life, which is why Thanksgiving is cherished so much.

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