A Scoring Rampage

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A Scoring Rampage

Marshall Ingram, Editor

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James Harden is one of, if not the, best players in the NBA. The Rockets guard won the 2018 MVP award, and is looking to repeat. With the scoring rampage he’s on, it looks as if he might. The Houston Rockets have had an up and down season this year. Injuries to your best player never help, like Chris Paul and Clint Capela. When adversity strikes, your big time players have to step up and that is exactly what Harden has done. He has proven what it means to be a franchise player and a true MVP.

In James Harden’s last 24 games, he has scored over 30 points in each contest. He has been on fire from the three-point line, and has been able to get to the free-throw line consistently. The Rockets started out extremely slow. In fact, Houston was in second to last place in the Western Conference. When they reached 14th in the conference, that is when the Rockets picked up their game. A lot of their success came from the reigning NBA MVP James Harden. Harden has run away with the 2018-19 MVP race. Most experts are saying that he already has it won. Justin Gilliland said, “I think James Harden is one of the best scorers to ever play the game. He can just make things happen out nowhere. His ability to put the ball in the basket so easily is amazing.” Harden is averaging 36.3 point per game this year, which is unbelievable. In Steph Curry’s outstanding MVP year he only averaged 23.8, which can tell you how hot Harden is right now. Most people thought that he could keep this up for maybe a couple of weeks, but he has done this all season, and it has not even reached the all-star break. That can tell you more greatness and history is to come.

The MVP race has been almost closed early because of James Harden. Of course, the season is not over yet, but he does not look as if he is stoping his rampage anytime soon. As Harden writes his name in history, so many people are trying to see it. He has put on a show every night. If he can keep this up there is no telling what will happen. He might be chasing that title of the greatest scorer ever.

Source: Justin Gilliland



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