There’s a Second New Year?

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There’s a Second New Year?

Joanne Tiglao, Writer

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This tuesday on February 5th, it was the Chinese New Year.

It is also known as the Lunar Year or Spring Festival and is one of the most important days on the Chinese calender. Oddly enough, there is no set date for the New Year. The day is chosen on the phase of the moon which indicates the new year. They also choose different animals for each year, and this is year is the year of the pig.

There are many traditional activities, dances, and foods that happen during the Chinese New Year. Some common dances are the dragon dances. Another big traditional food that everyone knows is dumplings. Also, red is the overall theme color because it represents good luck for the new year.

However besides China, another country that puts emphasis on the New Year is Vietnam.┬áSenior Britney Trieu says, “Everyone calls Chinese New Year the Chinese New Year, but it’s also for Vietnamese people too suprisingly!

She also mentions the Vietnamese traditions that her family does as well. “My parents celebrate by setting up a table with flowers and treats to resemble to upcoming year with pink, red, and yellow to symbolize new colors and new adventures. Our favorite meal is the Vietnamese desserts to celebrate the New Year!”

Another senior Andy Van says, “I do well wishes and recieve money from family. We also have a large family dinner as well.” For activities, he mentioned his experience at the Lion Dance at Kim Son. He says, “It was fun and a good experience. There were many people in lion/dragon costumes dancing to the beat of the drums.”



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