Figuring Things Out With Marshall

L.A. We’ve Got a Problem


Marshall Ingram, Editor

“The Los Angeles Lakers have acquired LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers.” That is what the L.A. Lakers thought was the savior coming home to them to bring them another championship. This tide has quickly turned a different way than they expected. The Lakers’ season has been more than disappointing in 2018-19. They are currently sitting in 11th seed in the West and things are not looking up.

When the Lakers signed LeBron James, it seemed as if they had signed a championship waiting to happen. The best players in the NBA coming to a team of young fresh talent looked like it had a chance at making history. This thought has diminished throughout the season though. The Lakers are sitting 6.5 games back from the 8th seed in the Western Conference. There has been conflict between the team as well. The other night, on Tuesday, point guard Rajon Rondo came out of the game and sat with fans instead of his teammates. LeBron James seems to have stopped playing defense, and he has been throwing his coach under the bus. Peyton Fennelly said, “They are just not meshing well together. They look as if they don’t want to be there.” This has crossed everybody’s mind. We are left wondering was the signing of James a mistake.

The NBA basketball season is coming to a close, and the playoff seeds are being set. L.A. looks to not be one of those teams. They are not playing together, and look as bad as the worst team in the NBA. Effort seems to be the problem around this team. The question is how can you not want to be playing in an NBA game.

Source: Peyton Fennelly

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