Figuring Things Out With Marshall

Leaving a Legacy

Marshall Ingram, Editor

May is here and the end of the school year is upon us. For seniors, this means that a new chapter of their life is about to begin. For others it means that another summer is about to begin. No more homework sheets, studying for tests or waking up early every day. The fun times of June, July and August are about to begin, and I think that everyone cannot wait for it.

On Thursday, the last AP tests will be taken. Next week, finals will begin and students will be doing their last studying of the year. Many seniors talk about how they want to leave a certain legacy. Landon Murray says he would like his legacy to be to win a state championship. “The end of my high school career is going good right now. I really feel as if I’m going out with a bang for going to the final four. It would be awesome to bring home a state championship for my last days at Northland.” I also asked Landon if senior year flew by. “Definitely. It has gone by so fast. It feels like yesterday when I walked in on the first day of school.” No matter what grade you are in it almost always feels like the year goes by fast. For the juniors in the school they are about to begin the lasts of their high school career. For most of them they would just like to enjoy the days they have left in this chapter.

Since the end of the school year is here, everyone has different feelings. For younger students it could not come fast enough. For the upper class-man, it feels surreal that it is all coming to an end. Their legacy is being left on this campus, and their new lives are about to start. One thing that we should all do is not to take the time we have here for granted. Enjoy every moment because one day you will look up and it the end is here. Leave your legacy and enjoy the present moment.

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