After Going out of Business, Toys R Us returns to the Galleria

Sydney Reaves

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Toys R Us has finessed the game. They claimed they were closing for good and announced huge sales and clearances. Parents rushed to the stores with their children to obtain as many toys as possible before they closed. Children mourned their favorite store going out of business.

Yesterday, Toys R Us announced that they are opening a store in the Galleria, which is the biggest shopping center in Houston. They’re creating a more interactive store for a more interesting and exciting shopping experience for the kids. There is a tree house, theater space for live events, and an interactive “Magic Mirror.” Maddie Pallanez comments on the new store saying, “I wish they had all of that when I was a kid!”

There is only one problem: Parents are furious that they spent so much money on Toys R Us closing sales and now all of a sudden they aren’t closing and have enough money to make more interactive and expensive stores. Sydney O’Connell comments on this saying, “They really finessed those parents.” It’s true. It wasn’t fair what they did but, it gave them money! And that is business.