All About Prom 2020

Brady Kraner

Prom is an event that takes place at Northland Christian School every year.  The juniors and seniors look forward to this event year in and year out. This dance involves music, fun, dancing, and other activities.  People always look forward to finding out what the prom theme and location is every year.

The prom will be in downtown Houston this year.  It will be held at the aquarium. The aquarium is the perfect place to have the dance.  It gives the students the ability to dance, ride rides, eat good food, and so much more.  The theme is the roaring 20’s. The students love having prom at the aquarium because of all the things to do.  

The upperclassmen are very excited for this year’s dance.  Maddie said the following, “I’m excited for prom because I will get to hang out with my friends at the aquarium.” As you can see, she is very excited to attend this year’s dance.  Marie Sykes said this, “Prom is gonna be really fun because it is senior year.  It is the beginning of the end.” She is excited to attend prom for the second year in a row. All of the students are highly anticipating this year’s dance and can’t wait until prom night gets here.