Sports are cancelled


Peyton Fennelly, writer

Sports of all kinds have been cancelled around the world. The NBA, MLB, 2020 Olympics, March Madness, and many more sports have been delayed or even cancelled. This is especially hard because March Madness was a week away from starting and that is the biggest event in all of college sports. The NBA was 10 games or so from the playoffs. The MLB was 2 weeks away from opening day. The Olympics were 3 months away. The busiest time in sports and it is taken away. Now more than ever people need sports because there is nothing to watch and everyone is inside. It has been tough on many people but I can’t imagine how the athletes respond being disrupted in the ,middle of the season. Olympic athletes are getting the worst of it because they train their whole lives for this moment and it has been delayed another year. This can be a good thing for everyone though. NBA players are rested for the playoffs which means better quality. MLB players are eager to compete. Also, the 2020 or 2021 Olympics won’t be just about sports, it will be about how the world overcame this virus and we showed us how we can all come together to accomplish things. Sports are essential to peoples every day lives but this will get better.

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