Home Schooling School Year


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

The sudden presence of the Coronavirus has brought many changes to everyone in the world today. Things like social distancing, homeschooling, cancelling of sports seasons and home lockdowns have all been done around America and just about every other country. The approach to events like these vary depending on the person. Some become very concerned and some people are not concerned at all. To get through these times, some people choose to take a different approach.

In a normal world, there would be many exciting things happening right now. Seniors would be getting ready to graduate, the MLB season starting, March Madness, friends getting together and everybody getting prepared for the summer. Although, all this seems to be put on halt. The main thing for teenagers is that school is from home. Motivation might wither, and they might miss their friends. Different students take this differently. For sophomores, it seems as if they have a lot on their plate. They have tests, and all days worth of work. This is hard because it is all on you if you choose to get it done or not.

Students have to make a choice whether they are going to finish out the year strong or not. It is hard since it is all at home. They must learn to get their work done on their own this time of year. Hopefully they can finish out strong.

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