Homecoming Questions Answered


Marshall Ingram, Editor

As homecoming approaches many rumors have been flying around! Such as no party buses, restrictions on songs, homecoming shirts, and much more. The journalism class has decided to interview Mr. Wietstruck the principal of the secondary campus to straighten out these rumors.


When talking to Mr. Wietstruck, we asked some questions to settle rumors going around school. Some rumors were causing students to get pretty worried about how this homecoming will be. The first question we asked was what is the setting going to be like for Homecoming. Mr. Wietstruck said that it is going to be a very nice place with an indoor and outdoor place. There will be a place for people to eat, and a dance hall. This year there will also be an area for games. People have also been wondering what kind of food will be there. He said, “Do you know Mel’s? That’s what we’re having” Mel’s is a very good home cooking restaurant based out of Hufsmith, Texas. Music has been another hot topic around school. His guidelines are the song has to be a clean song. “I’ve asked them (Jason Horton and Britney Trieu) to get working on a playlist. I want clean songs. You’ve been to parties or dances, if they bleep out that word everybody’s still gonna say that word.” A huge rumor that has been going around is that group transportation, such as party buses or limos, are not allowed. We asked him about this rumor and his answer was, “No, that’s not true at all. We want people to do that… we want people to do the group transportation… party buses are allowed.” Some students have been talking about what the homecoming t-shirt will look like. People heard a rumor that the shirts would have the football captains looking at the moon. Many students were not too fond of that. When asked about this Mr. Wietstruck was quick to shut that rumor down. He described what the shirt would look like, and it is extremely different than what it was made out to be. We thanked Mr. Wietstruck for coming in and settling these rumors and answering these questions.


Rumors start very quickly, and are often not the truth. The best way to see if they are true is to go to the source of it all. When we asked Mr. Wietstruck the rumors that were going around were not true at all. Homecoming should be a very fun night with many memories. Thank you Mr. Wietstruck for coming and answering our questions.