How to Find your Homecoming Outfit


Sydney Reaves, Writer

It’s homecoming season, which means the worry begins for every girl: What am I going to wear? Here is a how-to on finding the perfect outfit for homecoming.

The first step is finding a dress. First, decide what shape you want! This will narrow down your choices which will lead to the next step, deciding what color. There are lots of different types of dresses. You have fit and flare, bodycon, t-shirt, shift, halter and so many more! Finding what shape fits your body type best is the first step in choosing your dress. Student Maddie Pallanez says, “Personally, my favorite style of shape is bodycon!”

Once you have decided on a shape, now you can choose the color. You should never decide on the color first because then you have a broader selection because you haven’t found a shape. This will make you very overwhelmed! Student Mallory Murray, “You can never go wrong with a plain black heel!”

You have found your dress! Now, you have to complete the look with some shoes. First, decide whether you want flats or heels. Then, decide what color. Shape is not as important when it comes to shoes, so color is the first step. The color of the shoe has to match the color of the dress, but there’s no such thing as the same shape of shoe and dress!

Your outfit is now complete! Dress and shoes are conquered and you are ready to look amazing at Homecoming. Have fun!