Homecoming 2k18

Marshall Ingram, Editor

Homecoming is always an experience like no other. It brings a lot of memories that will last a lifetime. For most students homecoming 2k18 was way better than last year in 2017. It could have been the DJ. Maybe the venue was the difference or the food. Either way every student, that was asked, had a positive response for homecoming.

Last year many people had a problem with the playlist, which leads to the DJ. This year there was a different DJ, and he had much better music. Senior Landon Murray said that homecoming was a ‘great time’. “It was a lot better than last year. The DJ was better, and the songs really made it a lot more fun.” The songs and DJ might have been the difference to everybody. Sebastian Giep said, “Homecoming was a night of my life. The music, the dj, the party, the food all had an effect to making it a good time.” The students responses were an A+ for this year’s hoco.

Homecoming was a success for 2018. Many people enjoyed it. It was a lot of reasons, but the DJ was the final difference maker. This year made a lot of good memories for everybody to enjoy in the future. It is a good thing when those memories are enjoyable ones instead of bad ones. Overall homecoming 2k18 was a success.