Freshman’s Homecoming Expectations!

Trinity Polk, Writer

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As homecoming starts to roll around the corner, the days gets closer and closer till’ Freshman will have their first homecoming! The Freshman has been going through a ton of emotions! Having your first homecoming can be absolutely thrilling or uninteresting! I wanted to hear some Freshman’s opinion before homecoming starts! I recently interviewed Freshman Macy Ingram and Brett Sykes.

How are you feeling when Homecoming is getting closer?

“I’m feeling like its going to be good, but the same time the tickets are pretty high. As hundred dollars can give you a lot of things. The prices are rising up to ninety-five dollars, that’s pretty close to bunch of things you can buy in different stores,” said Skyes.

What are you expectations? Why?

Skyes then added saying, “I would have very high expectations. I normally don’t have expectations for anything, but I would have expectations because of the pricing. Otherwise, I have never been to any sort of dance or anything, so my expectations are just to have music or a punch table inside a gym.”

After hearing Brett answers, I then interviewed Macy Ingram!

How are you feeling when homecoming is getting closer?

“Excited,” said Ingram.

What are your expectations? Why?

Ingram replied,”I don’t know, like a bunch of people dancing in a room.”

Did you buy your dress?

Ingram then added saying, “Yes, and oh my gosh. I love it!”

What does it look like?

Ingram went on to say,”Its like Emerald Green, skin tight to the waist and poofs out.”

Are you getting a mum? If so what is it going to look like?

“I don’t know if I’m getting a mum, but if I am getting a mum I don’t want no pink, no thank you! I think I want it to represent me and all the activities I am in,” Ingram added.

Ingram ended it off by saying,” This is Macy Ingram and I approve this message.”

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