Northland’s Winter Sports


At Northland Christian School, Our Winter Sports are sadly coming to an end. Today, I thought it would be great to at least talk about them!

At our unique school, we have two Winter Sports, Soccer, and Basketball. Soccer and Basketball are one of the sports that so many Middle and High schoolers want to play or join. Even if it’s under fifty degrees aka Soccer.

I interviewed three Freshman Danielle Rangel, Ally Wiley, and Nicolaus Ray about Soccer and Basketball and here are their opinions.


Danielle Rangel


Why do you love soccer??


Danielle said, “I love Soccer because it is fun being on a team and going against each other.”


Do you think Soccer is a popular sport at Northland?


“I think soccer is a mild popular sport,” said Rangel.



Ally Wiley


Ally, what is your favorite part about basketball?


“The workout and game time,” said Wiley.

Is basketball one of your favorite sports?


“Yes,” said Ally.

Do you think basketball is a popular sport at Northland?


Ally said,” No.”


Nicolaus Ray


Why did you decide to play basketball?

“The reason why I did basketball because it was a sport that I love to play. Every shot I made, it felt like I could do anything,” said Ray.


How long have you played this sport?


Ray then said, “I’ve played basketball since I was five years old.”

What is your personal goal for basketball?


“My personal goal in basketball is to be the best player that I can be,” said Ray.