Northlands Spring Sports


Trinity Polk, Writer

Spring is in the air! As Northlands Winter Sports come to an end, some new sports are rolling in. Northland has five spring sports, there are Tennis, Softball, Baseball, Track and Field, and Golf. As middle and highschoolers batter and up and put their running shoes on, every day some students are getting very excited.

For as of right now, Track and Field is already getting started!! I have to do two sports, Soccer and Track. Running in the morning and kicking a ball in the afternoon. What a wonderful combination! Enough about me, I decided to interview a Freshman who wanted to stay anonymous about one certain spring sport and here is their opinion.

What sport are you planning to do this year?


“Track and Field,” said anonymous.


What do you enjoy most about this sport?


Anonymous said,” It’s fun being on the track and going to track meets.”


Have you ever had any major achievements/highlights in this sport?


“I got first place in the one hundred,” said Anonymous.


Name three reasons why you like being apart of this sport?


“Good Exercise, meeting new people, and helps you work hard.”