You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Harper Reaves, Writer/Editor

In just three short weeks, the Northland Christian Theatre Department will be performing the musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, based on the Peanuts comics by Charles M. Schulz. Many high schoolers here at Northland are in the production and have been putting countless hours into the show, making sure every little thing is perfect!

The cast is as follows:

Charlie Brown- Sam Waguespack

Linus Van Pelt- Teddy Lewis

Schroeder- Max Gay

Snoopy- Harper Reaves

Lucy Van Pelt- Breeana Aplin

Sally Brown- Kate Farrell


Skylar Beaumont, Kayleigh Birney, Jack Farrell, Jackson Fordyce, Alaina Nguyen, Dominique Okoh, ZiZi Wang, Alyssa Willingham, Marly Grace Rogers

Our new theatre teacher is Mrs. Jurick, who is also the Journalism teacher and one of the coaches for the debate team. She is the director of the show and it is her first production at Northland, and it is sure to be a great one!

Opening night is October 22 at 7 pm, then there is another showing October 24 at 7 pm, then October 25 at 2 pm. So make sure to put those on the calendar so you can support your theatre program!