A Spring Season Having to Survive Without Baseball

A Spring Season Having to Survive Without Baseball

Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Baseball season seems, for many people, to be their favorite season of the year. It provides a sense of joy and happiness. Whether it is Major League Baseball, high school baseball or your local club team, baseball is considered one of the best things in the world. Although, this spring looks quite different than those in the past. The Coronavirus has cancelled or postponed every baseball season in the United States. People are having to cope without the thing that brings them the best escape in the world.

March 26 was supposed to be the start of the 2020 Major League Baseball season. High school seasons were supposed to be starting district play, and little league would have been in full effect, but no. Instead, everyone is sitting at home reminiscing over the good old days, the days where we could escape to another world. For so many people, this sport is therapy. It seems as though you cannot survive without it. The MLB is planning on trying to do an isolated season in Arizona. They would play all of their games with no fans, but it would be broadcasted. High school seasons have been suspended, and are not looking good for the future. There is little hope that they will finish this season. Senior players are seeing that they might have played their last game without even knowing it. Cameron Bailes stated, “It is real sad that we don’t get to finish our season, especially our last one. I just miss playing with my friends.” There will be no senior day, no more tight district games and no more last runs at a state title. It is a hard reality to face when something you love is taken away from you. You just have to hope that you do not have any regrets and move on.

Hopefully the suspension on baseball will be lifted soon. In times like these, it seems as if this sport would help the most for people. Although, everyone does realize the severity of the situation, and just hope it can blow over as quick as possible. Everyone sure does miss that escape in the spring.

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