Thank you Northland

Thank you Northland

Marshall Ingram, Chief editor

High school is something that everybody remembers in their life. Whether it is good or bad they remember it. For me, high school is a time that I loved. I will cherish all of the memories that I made with my friends and family.

Throughout my 4 years at Northland I have learned so much. With the great teacher I have had, and the opportunity to do so, I have been given the opportunity to have a stronger relationship with God. I not only learned subject about math, science, and english, but I have been able to learn about the Bible. Not many people can say they have done that in high school.

I have also been given the opportunity to compete in sports. I have played baseball and football all 4 years of high school. They have taught me integrity, how to fight through adversity, as well given me the best times of my life. Not many people can say they have won 2 state titles. I am continuing my athletic career in baseball in college, and a big thanks goes to my coaches and teammates.

Lastly, I have created relationships that I will have for life. My classmates, teachers, and coaches have given me so much throughout these 4 years. I will miss seeing everyone’s face everyday, and laughing or being happy with everyone, but I know we are all going to do great things.

Northland Christian School has given me so much throughout my high school career. Things like relationships, lessons learned, and all around good times, I will carry with the rest of my life. This is a hard goodbye, but thank you Northland. The Chief signing out.

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