Kenzie Hoffman: Fried and Fun

Isaiah Vigil, Writer

Have you ever thought about that one thing you could never give up, no matter what. For most people it might be hard to pick something, but for senior Kenzie Hoffman its an easy answer, Fried Chicken.

If given the choice between seeing the future or the past Kenzie would rather choose to look back into the past due to the fact that she is “too scared to see what happens in the future”. However that could be the perfect time to tell her younger self that her parents saying “no” isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Kenzie is your normal high school senior, she loves dogs over cats (as one should), her favorite day of the week is Saturday because of the weekend, and the only selfies she takes are on snapchat. If you think those are fun you should hear about her family. When asked to describe them Kenzie would say that they are “chill and funny”

When Kenzie cant sleep she normally just lays there for a bit or either gets on her phone. Thats probably because how of how much she works, at this time last year Kenzie was working hard trying to earn some extra money.

The reason Kenzie works so hard is because she is trying to give her parents just one thing, a better life than what they had when they were growing up.

Kenzie Hoffman: Fried and Fun.