Homecoming 2k18

Marshall Ingram, Editor

October 28, 2018

Homecoming is always an experience like no other. It brings a lot of memories that will last a lifetime. For most students homecoming 2k18 was way better than last year in 2017. It could have been the DJ. Maybe the venue was th...

Picture Catalogue of a Northland Christian Freshman’s Way of Life

Joel Quintela, Writer

October 19, 2018

 Boolin'  for Christ Truly shows that kickin' it with JC is still cool.  Trabajando duro en la clase de español Pt.1 Just a couple guys working hard at the great language of Spanish.  Trabajando duro en la cl...

The Most Unique Outfits!

October 18, 2018


College: Sorority and Fraternity Hazing

Joanne Tiglao, Writer

October 1, 2018

Alabama University Theta Chi Fraternity   After high school, seniors going into college can be involved in different ways such as sororities and fraternities. Every college has multiple choices of sororities and fraternities, so it is important ...

Handle Your Road Rage

Handle Your Road Rage

September 24, 2018

PaRkInG sPoTs :)

PaRkInG sPoTs :)

September 21, 2018

Trinity’s Answers

Joel Quintela, Writer

August 17, 2018

In this exposé of the local intellectual Trinity Hope, we asked some of the more refined questions about life, health, and how she maintains her intelligent image. Q: Which foreign language would you like to learn? Why?...

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