Marshall: An Intellectual

Why do we have a dress code?

Marshall Ingram, Writer

Dress code has been despised by people all around the world for years now, yet we still use it. Students complain all of the time about dress code. People that have dress code in the workplace despise the idea. No one wants to be in uncomfortable clothes every day for however long they are there. I’m here to tell you why dress code is not necessary anymore.


No student on the entire planet will say that they enjoy wearing the clothes that the dress code provides. If they do they are lying. The clothes that the school provides are uncomfortable and out of style. Studies show that when you are comfortable in what you are wearing you will test higher. If school is all about learning then we should be providing the best situations for students to do the best they can. Another dilemma is the cost. Dress code can cause major money problems in some families. The dress code clothes are out of style. This will cause backlashes from the students for something that could have been prevented. This will cause students to get a reputation that they might not be the right one.


If we are looking at who wants dress code and who doesn’t, the people that oppose it are the heavier side. All of the negatives about dress code outweigh the positives. From comfortability to style to cost to test scores, the negatives are much higher. If we want to provide the best environment for our students then dress code will be eliminated.