Spilling The Tea With Ximena: TCSIT

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Every year at Northland the 7th through 12th graders go to the TCSIT academic meet in Abilene at Abilene Christian School. This is a fun speech and academic tournament that students have the opportunity to attend in many different events. Personally, in all of the four years I have gone, I have competed in oral events because those are definable my strong suit. Usually the result are pretty satisfying but this year they were something else. Just kidding, congrats to the winners. Here is a compilation of sob stories and first world problems.

For example, as I went in to take my Spanish comprehension test, to say I was confident would be an understatement. Ive spoken Spanish my entire life and this test was going to be a breeze. As the test began I skipped the paragraph of directions because, well, I knew what I was doing. But when the test ended I was a little confused as to why the multiple choice started at 8 and ends at 50 while my scantron only had 43 answers. I let it slide. But, it wasn’t until I finished the test and asked my friends that I realized that little paragraph of instructions, weren’t instructions. They were apart of the test. This means, I completely misbubled my entire scantron and every single answer was wrong. Name something bigger than my ego, you can’t!

Spanish Bible Reading has always been my event, I am a pretty good public speaker and I speak Spanish. But, this year I think everyone was drugged because apparently judges can’t judge right. As I watched every girl speak in my finals room I thought to myself, wow there is absolutely no way I didn’t get first place I was way better than all of the other girls. Not! By the time awards come around I think you can picture the face I made when they called my name for second place. I am very honest, the girls who won was not good. But, she was a senior i’ll give her that. I always say second place is the first loser. Hello, it’s me, the first loser.

All in all, apart from the competition itself TCSIT had some very memorable moments. I will continue going to TCSIT despite their inability to judge events correctly. Everyone has flaws! The memories I have made every year on this trip will stay with me forever! It really isn’t as bad as I make it seem!

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Spilling The Tea With Ximena: TCSIT