My Year in a Review: Ximena!

Ximena Reyna, Editor

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Welcome to my year in a review! Hmm, Sophomore year: fun, exciting, change, adventurous, new, challenging and one of a kind. Here are this years highlights.

Coming to school for the first time in three months was hard I have to say ,but there was so much in store of me. I had the opportunity to do so many fun things last semester. I turned 16 in October and my Sweet 16 was definitely the party of the year. My very good friend Sydney and I celebrated our birthdays together and had a combined mega Sweet 16!

Slowly after my Sweet 16 I attended two homecomings! If you know me, you know I never turn down an opportunity to dance. By this time soccer season had started and soccer season is always such a fun time. I had the chance to get close to all of my teammates and that was amazing. Then, the holidays slowly approached and Christmas break was defiantly well needed.

Second semester was a wild ride. School suddenly got a lot harder but my grades got a lot higher! Besides school, I spent almost every weekend with my best friend, Maddie. The best part of the entire year was definitely the amount of time I spent with my friends making memories that I will cherish with me forever. One memory I wont though, are the three weeks I spent in bed because I got sick with mono. The year was not looking so great. When spring break approached I had the chance to go to Colorado with my cousin and I had the best time skiing and playing in the snow. The year was looking a little better. Then, I helped out with the spring comedy at school and I had a blast watching the comedy all three nights it was showing. It was literally so funny. As sophomore year comes to a close it feels as if the days are dragging by. But, this year flew by so fast! Sophomore year is definitely one for the books.

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My Year in a Review: Ximena!