Are the midterms as insignificant as they feel?

Joel Quintela, Writer

Now that the midterms are rolling their way towards us, I’d like to talk about how insignificant they feel to me.


I don’t know why but I haven’t really been stressing about these upcoming exams for some reason. Sooner or later it’s gonna hit me that i’m not prepared this weekend i bet but as of now, im fine. This week i’ve been kind of coasting through and the amount of review sheets and some quizzes and tests have made it pretty easy to just finish out the semester and move on to christmas break. Also, isn’t it funny how sometimes you just think about the year and how fast it went by, but then you remember everything that has happened in your life and it feels longer than you previously thought. I don’t know what i’m writing about anymore. My closing statement is that when the midterms creep up on me and the first period bell rings, well see how I do by then.

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