Figuring Things Out With Marshall

Fallen Resolutions


Marshall Ingram, Editor

With the New Year comes many new opportunities and responsibilities. Many people like to make new year’s resolutions, or say that they are going to start doing something new for the new year. There is a saying that goes “new year new me”. A lot of times they do not follow through with what they set for themselves. Whether they do what they are saying is another topic.

A new year’s resolution is a goal or task for someone to start and complete in the new year. It could be working out, losing weight, making better grades and many more. The idea is too keep up with it, and better yourself for the next year. Unfortunately those resolutions are abandoned after a short while.

Landon Murray said, “I think most people stop doing it after like 2 weeks. I just don’t believe in them.” Landon is probably right for most people, and I think most people would agree with him.

When the new year comes there comes resolutions; which people most of the time abandon after two weeks. There’s an idea that is missed from most people. You do not need to wait until the new year to start something new. If people did not wait until the new year they would probably not abandon them so fast. You do not have to wait a year to do something new to better yourself.

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