Figuring Things Out With Marshall

A New Era at Northland


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Northland Christian School has changed quite a bit over the 2019 summer. The school has been the same way for the past 10 or so years, and some thought that it was time for a change. The two campuses combined for the first time in school history. The elementary school joined the middle school and high school. Some people, like myself, will have to take some time to get used to the change. Anything that has been the same for your entire life is always weird to change.

Last school year, Northland Christian purchased the office building next door. They decided to combine campuses with the secondary and elementary. The elementary school has been located about five minutes down the road at Bammel Church of Christ for 44 years. The school decided to make Building 7 the elementary school’s building, and use the new Building 8 and the rest of the campus for the middle school and high school. Renovations to Building 1 were made, and the Building 8 is probably the nicest place on campus. Everyone likes the way it looks, but some nostalgia took place for those who have been here for a good amount of years. Eventually though, everyone will get comfortable with the change.

A new era has come to Northland Christian School. The campuses have collided, and change has set in. Many think that  this will bring more success to the school. The new parts of campus have brought new life to the school, but for some it will take some getting used to. In the future though, this will become the normal and everyone will be fine.

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