Figuring Things Out with Marshall

Antonio Brown has a New Legacy

Figuring Things Out with Marshall

Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Antonio Brown is arguably one of the best wide receivers in the history of football and in the NFL. He has proven to have one of the best hands and speed in the the league. One thing he is also extremely good at is drawing attention to himself. Whether that is through his play on the field, touchdown celebration or his off the field character. That last one is the main reason he is getting the most attention as of right now. Antonio Brown has decided to leave the Oakland Raiders and join the New England Patriots. It has been a series of events leading up to this. Mainly it is because of selfish reason, but Brown does not think so.

The Oakland Raiders have been left empty handed after signing Antonio Brown during a long offseason. There was so much excitement around the signing. There was talk about how he would bring Oakland to a new level, but then there were issues. A helmet dispute caused Brown to have his first stint of sitting out. Then there was a dispute between him and the owner of the Raiders. Even after making up and apologizing to the organization, he requested a release the next day. Justin Gilliland stated, “I think that he’s selfish, and doesn’t care about his team. I think he planned to be released from the beginning.” It seems as if that that is true. The New England Patriots signed Brown to a one year contract the day after he was released. He is receiving extreme critiques from the rest of the league. Brown does not care though if he wins a Super Bowl.

The best wide receiver in the NFL has just paired up with the best team in the league. Antonio Brown got what he wanted and did not care who he hurt while doing it. He left the Oakland Raiders in an unfortunate manner. He has left the team in a sticky situation. They will have to rebuild from the loss. Brown however, can do the opposite. He can focus on his ultimate goal of a championship.

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