New Year’s Resolutions Are Not Always a Good Thing

New Year's Resolutions Are Not Always a Good Thing

Brady Kraner, Writer

At the end of the year a lot of people decide on a goal for themselves.  Some people will even set a couple goals for themselves for the upcoming year.  These goals are called New Year’s Resolutions. These goals or resolutions include things like healthy living, spending more time with God, being more kind and so many other things.  Are these goals actually a good thing?

People will set these goals to try and start the new year off the right way.  People should try and do these things year round every year. You should always be trying to spend more time with God, lose weight or whatever else it is that you are doing.  You should not have to wait until the New Year to start living the way you want to.

With that being said, New Year’s resolutions are beneficial in some ways but I think that we should not have to set goals at the end of a year because we should already be trying to live out those goals.  We should have the mindset year in and year out that we will eat healthier, talk to God more, be more kind or do whatever else it is you want yourself to do.

If I have to set a goal for myself at the end of the year then I did something wrong the year before by not living out the goal I have set for myself.

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