The Mystery Class


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Every student has a list of classes that are their favorite and that they hate. There are always classes that a student cannot wait to get to, they dread going to, and there are some in between. A class that has gotten a lot of buzz for being great is forensics science. It has been talked about as an involved and interesting class.

Forensics Science is one of the more exciting classes that are talked about. It is talked about as an edge-of-your-seat class. At Northland Christian, this class is taught by Elizabeth Bohannon, who everyone loves. This class is normally taken by juniors and seniors. The criteria includes crime scene investigation, police department, involved labs, field trips and much more. Senior at Northland, Justin Gilliland, spoke on the class. “It has taught me a lot about my rights. I wasn’t expecting that. I have also loved the labs, they’re interesting. I’ve learned a lot about the police department too.” You can talk to many people who have taken the class, and the same answer will come out every time. They love the class.

Once someone gets to the point in school where they can pick what classes they take is exciting. It means that they can take more classes that are more interesting to them. A class that many people take is forensics science. It is an interesting class where you can do great labs and learn about the police department. It is a class that many

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