Evan’s overview 2020: Elections

How the 2020 elections are stressing out citizens

Evan's overview 2020: Elections

Evan Rebhorn

In the fall of every 4th even year, there comes a time where every American that is 18 or above is called upon to represent their political party or affiliations at the polls and cast their vote. Even though every adult citizen has the right to vote, not everyone always likes to vote, and this is for two reasons: some people don’t care enough to vote, and others are stressed out by the thought of having to choose between candidates.

To elaborate, many people have show to be significantly more stressed out when it comes to the 2020 election, based off of a poll by the American Psychological Association. According to their article, 76% of Democrats, 67% of Republicans, and 64% of independents have found this election to bring a lot of stress into their lives. What does this mean exactly? It means that, maybe, some people worry more about our nation’s future more than others and feel more pressure having to choose a candidate to carry our country’s future, and the consequences that each candidate will enact.

Another source shows that not only is election stress a real thing, but that there’s a reason for existent shown by the following quote, “Elections are high-stakes events which have long-lasting implications and serious consequences” (Monifa Seawell, MD). The election is always impactful on the future of the country, as millions of citizens hold the responsibility of choosing the future for their country. As the election rolls out this November, all of America will be watching, with stress filling up their minds, hopeful for a favorable result.

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