Evan’s Insight 2021: The New Year

My outlook on 2021, and what I can do to make it better than last year


Evan Rebhorn, Writer

After an unpredictable and stressful 2021, we have finally made it to 2021. During certain points of the year, it seemed like it would never end, but nevertheless, we have surpassed the un-surpassable and begun a new year full of new possibilities. However, with new possibilities also comes new problems and worries, as well as ones from the past and present, such as the obvious: COVID-19. With all of these things in mind, it’s hard to tell how 2021 will go, but I think it’s safe for us to at least make a few predictions on what could happen this year.

Firstly, I predict that 2021 will have its bad moments, but it will be nowhere on the same level as 2020. While we have just witnessed an invasion of the capital building by angry protestors, I believe that it will be very hard for this year to have the same amount of unpredictable events as last year. At the beginning of last year, we had no clue what COVID was or how to deal with it, but now we are much more prepared with vaccines and guidelines that are helping people carry out their lives. Another reason why I predict this year will be much better is that since we know to expect the unexpected, we’ll be more prepared for the unexpected in the future. 2020 was the most unpredictable year we have had in a long time, and it definitely caught us off guard in many ways, but I think it also taught us that we should never be too comfortable with our normal lives, because something could pop up in a span of a few weeks that could completely change everything. While many parts of 2020 were unpredictable, one of my New Year’s resolutions has to do with working around unpredictable things in the future.

Basically, my New Year’s resolution was to try and keep myself more prepared and organized for the 2nd half of the semester. One of my tendencies is that I commonly misplace something that I’ll have with me for an entire day; I’ll put it in a random area and then I forget where it is. I’ll also find myself surprised and unprepared if something comes up out of nowhere that messes up my schedule. This year, I’m attempting to be better with keeping stuff with me at all times and putting stuff like folders and papers in places where I’ll remember them. By doing this, I’ll set myself up better for success for the future, because if something unexpected does come up, I’ll be more prepared because I wont’t be disorganized. Hopefully, applying this to my life will help make 2021 an easier effort than 2020.

Overall, I think 2021 will be an improvement over last year. If I stay prepared for anything and have a positive outlook, then I wont be just setting myself up for success in 2021, but for the rest of the decade after high school and beyond.

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