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Should Northland have more variety of food?

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Why can’t Northland have a variety of food, such as Starbucks, Taco Bell, and Panda Express to sell to the students? There are so many benefits to adding more food. Students could have a part-time job there selling the food. It can help the school earn extra cash, and it comes with happy students in the morning and afternoon!

Students can have part-time jobs. They can actually get community service or actually get paid. For example, driving to get the food or sitting down and selling it! Also, having a variety of food at school can help the school earn some extra cash. If every item has a different range of prices more kids would buy! As a student, I’m used to hearing, “That is expensive…” or “Dang, I don’t have enough money.” So I think having a variety of prices would be so perfect! What also comes with a variety of food, is happy students! If we did sell a variety of food and we sell Starbucks, I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of kids lining up for some coffee or a frappe!

I interviewed Freshman Elisabeth Alery to see her opinions.

Do you think Northland should have more variety of food?

“Yes,” said Alery.

What type of food do you think they should have?

“Starbucks,” said Alery.

What do you think the prices should be around?

Alery said, “I think the prices for chick fil a should be $1 per chicken biscuit. And coffee should be at least $2-3. 5″

How would you feel if Northland sold more variety of food?

Alery went on to say, “If northland did this I would be in heaven because coffee is my life. I cannot live without coffee. Also chick fil a is great.”

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Should Northland have more variety of food?