Would you accept the rose?

At Northland Christian, The show the Bachelor has been talked about many times. Even though it has died down, I’m still going to talk about it!

The Bachelor/Bachelorette is a show about a single man or lady who spends several weeks dating women or men hoping to find their true love as things start to narrow down.

As the show airs for the twenty-third season, many students at Northland find this show either stupid and a waste of their time or their favorite show. I’m more in between!

I wanted to see other Students opinion on the show, so I interviewed Freshman Elisabeth Alery. She had some interesting things to say that will enlighten us!


What is your opinion about the Bachelor/Bachelorette?

“My opinion of the bachelorette is, how do I put this, not great. It’s not bad either. I’ve never actually watched it so I guess I can’t really talk,” said Alery.


Do you like the Bachelor/Bachelorette? Why?

“No, I do not like the bachelorette because I think that it’s all fake and staged. If that makes sense,” said Alery.


Do you think the people on the show are desperate?

Alery said, “Yes, I think the people on the bachelorette are very desperate. It’s like going online dating, but on steroids.”