Are the freshmen nervous for midterms?

Midterms are getting closer and closer!


When I was a young child, I always wished to be an adult. Now I take that back… As I am getting older I am starting to realize how stressful life is getting! Being in ninth grade, really showed me a lot of things. How I have to be more responsible, I need to make sure my grades are always up, and I always have to study. As months flown by so quickly, I received a paper from a certain class that shows what I need to study to prepare for that midterm, Yay. Realizing that midterms are so close now, High school starts really hitting me in the head. And I was wondering how other Freshman feels like about the midterms.

I recently asked Freshman Elisabeth Alery her opinion about the midterms!

How do you feel about the Midterms getting closer?

“Scared, very very scared, also I am nervous because of my speech in comm apps,” said Alery.

Why are you scared and nervous?

Alery said, “I am scared/ nervous because my last speech DID NOT go well. I just really want to be prepared.”

Do you think the midterms will be easy?

“No, especially world geography,” said Elisabeth.

Have you been stressed lately about midterms? Why?

To be honest, I haven’t been stressed that much. Maybe because I don’t actually know how many weeks until midterms,” said Alery.

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